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About The Museum

The purpose of The West Point Kentucky History Museum is to preserve our history and educate our community. Our mission is to collect, present, and interpret the history of West Point; its people and its events in an interesting and educational way that is easily accessible to the public.

The museum exhibits span from the early times of Native Americans to the present. Our free research center houses hundreds of West Point family files as well as dozens of topics of interest related to West Point history.

The Museum contains several exhibits you can discover:

Come explore West Point History!

Monie Matthews, Museum Curator

About The City

West Point is one of the oldest cities in Kentucky dating back to 1796. Our historic district includes buildings and homes that pre-date The Civil War and have been associated with numerous historic figures and a few ghosts! Guided tours are available starting at our museum that is replete with the documents and artifacts from days gone by.

Located at the convergence of the Ohio and Salt rivers West Point offers the opportunity to enjoy all types of boating and fishing. Unlike many river communities with heavy development along the river; our banks contain miles of scenic woodlands, farms, and private homes filled with the natural beauty of an unspoiled nature preserve. All of this can be enjoyed from the river itself or viewed from our Veterans Park, located on the river in the historic district.

You’ll want to include a trip to Tioga Falls, Bridges To The Past, and the Civil War era fort: Fort Duffield. Fort Duffield is located at one of the highest points in the region, where you can experience panoramic views of the area in all seasons. For the adventurous visitor Fort Duffield offers some of the largest drop mountain bike trails in the region, and miles of quiet hiking trails for those less daring. We look forward to having you in our community!

Richard Ciresi, Mayor

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West Point Kentucky History Museum
508 Elm Street Street
West Point, Ky. 40177

Located directly across from City Hall in West Point's Historic District.